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In the development of any child, the athletic program is an essential part of a balanced education.  A key aspect of our Student Learning Expectations incorporates a desire to mold students into a holistic and well-rounded individual.  As such, we encourage that students take advantage of involvement in the athletic program, which includes physical education and extracurricular sports listed below.

These sports, help reinforce and set the foundations for daily skills in teamwork and good sportsmanship, where character building, self-esteem, discipline, and responsibility are essential in and out of the classroom. The Physical Education class provided to our students enables them to learn about their physical well-being as well as enhancing their mental and spiritual growth.  This program helps foster the drive and motivation within students to do their very best, and learn that success can often rise from failure - it is a matter of how we learn and grow in our knowledge and skills.

Our Teams

Fall Sports: Football, Girls Volleyball, Cross Country
Winter Sports: Boys & Girls Basketball
Spring Sports: Track & Field, Boys and Girls Soccer

If you are interested in participating in athletics or have any questions, please contact our coaches or Athletic Director, Mr. Yudess

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