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Our Students' Primary Teacher

St. Raymond School offers a number of opportunities for our parents to participate in school activities and become actively involved in the St. Raymond community. It is the major advantage of selecting a St. Raymond education, parents are engaged in multiple facets of the school.


We are a community united in the Catholic faith that supports, enhances and complements the education of the whole child.

Important information and reference links are found here for your ease of access.  Please remember that the school also uses School Messenger to send out daily reminders and weekly bulletins - make sure that you are signed up to our listserv!


Please contact Mrs. Amy Fiala at our Front Office 562.862.3210 for any inquiries or concerns & we will gladly assist you!

All families are required to have completed 26 hours of service throughout the school year

Service Hours

The Hot Lunch Program is now provided by Choice Lunch. 


Please visit our new page on their services to learn more or to order online

Link to Choice Lunch

Food Service

Before-School Care Lead

Ms. Cano

From 6:30 AM-7:30 AM

After-School Care Lead

Mrs. Martinez
From 3:15 PM-6:00 PM​

Direct Phone Line: 562.862.0348

Extended Care

Gradelink strengthens the parent-teacher communication in support of each individual student.

Gradelink provides both Parents and Students access to student academic progress and attendance records.​  

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Class Dojo is primarily used in grades one through four.  

Class Dojo serves as a vehicle for enhancing parent-student-teacher communication, especially in the area of class participation and character development.  

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Schoology expands the walls of the classroom by engaging students into the curriculum with a new and collaborative interface.

Homework, projects, and other documents will be made available to parents through Schoology.

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It is in working with our parents, that we prepare our students to be full and active members of the church and society, thoroughly grounded in the principles and practices of faith and morals


SCRIP Program

You can raise money without devoting your time to selling products, asking for donations, or planning events. Earn money every day on the purchases you’re already making just by paying with a gift card you ordered from ShopWithScrip

Terms to Know

  • Coordinator: The person in charge of a scrip program. They spread the word about scrip and place and distribute orders

  • Family: The term we use for members of the nonprofit organization. On ShopWithScrip, their orders are called family orders

Please visit our scrip page or contact the Front Office for more information by clicking on either link below

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