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Opportunities to Give

Saint Raymond Catholic School was established so students from all backgrounds would have a formal education that could transform their lives and positively contribute to society. Since then, we have held true to that vision because of the generosity of countless community members and businesses who share this view. 

Each family must raise $300 as part of the tuition contract. The school uses this to supplement the cost of education. The cost per pupil to educate each student is only covered by 90% of the tuition fees


We believe it is ministry of our church and a social justice issue to maintain a tuition schedule that helps families afford a Catholic education for families who want it.  There are specific ways to donate and get credit toward the fundraising requirement:

Annual School Auction

World's Finest Chocolate

Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough


A cash contribution towards our School


Cash donations toward the school are another way to improve the long-term fiscal viability of St. Raymond School. We want to have funds for a rainy day. We also want to be responsible and have funds to maintain and improve our school facilities. Voluntary charitable donations are tax deductible

Please consider us as your charity of choice as we strive to give a quality education to your children!



Tuition Contract: $300 required by buying Scrip, World's Finest Chocolate, Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough, Auction donations, and cash donations to the school

NOTE: Events that are not included towards the $300 fundraising goal include: dine-outs, the book fair, donations for Grandparents Day, Barnes & Noble, and purchases at the auction

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