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For the 2019-2020 School Year

Participating Parishoner

Annual Rates & Payment in Full w/ 2 % discount (Due by 8.16.2019)

Grades TK-8

Non-Participating Parishoner

Annual Rates & Payment in Full w/ 2 % discount (Due by 8.16.2019)


Grades TK-8


​​(A) Participating Parishoners

  • Registered parishioner and participating in parish ministries and weekly Masses. Online giving is required

  • The suggested minimum weekly contribution amount is $10

  • Must be contributing parishioner for at least one year if using envelopes, or 6 months with online giving

(B) Non-Participating Parishoners

  • Unregistered and non-participating in parish ministries/not attending Masses

  • Persons not registered and not using envelopes/online giving


Family Commitment

Please visit our 'Parents & Students' section for more information.  Other more detailed guides can be found under 'Forms' → "Tuition & Fees"

Fundraising Options

  1. Participate in all fundraisers ($300 profit)

  2. Pay $100 on August 16, 2019, November 4, 2019 & January 10, 2020 ($300 total) and not participate in any fundraiser

  3. Pay in full $300 by August 16, 2019 and not participate in any fundraiser


Service Hours

Work 26 service hours per year, or pay $20.00 per hour for the number of hours not worked. Service Hour Card is due May 11, 2020


Help support the school through the purchase of Scrip for a total of $3,500.00 from May 2, 2019 through May 1, 2020 (approximately $292 per month)

NOTE: If you do not wish to purchase Scrip, you are required to pay $350.00 to opt out for the year (or 10% of remaining balance)

Auction Donation

Auctions are held annually and is the biggest fundraiser we have.  Therefore, an auction donation will be required. The amount is to be determined (approximately around $100)

For further information, please refer to the Tuition & Fees Schedule found in the 'Forms' section of the site, give us a call, or come visit us during our hours of operation


Please note that on mobile, all information can be found on the desktop site or in our 'Forms' link